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About Merkel Company, Inc.

Merkel Company, Inc began in 1919, when William Merkel and his brother, Edward, first formed their partnership known as Merkel Electric. Among their earliest contracts was the construction of a power line along the Marathon County line road east from North Central Avenue in Marshfield.

In the late 1920’s, William Merkel bought out Edward’s share of the business and moved Merkel Electric to 342 S Central Avenue in Marshfield (the present site of BMO Harris Bank).

In the 1930’s, Merkel Electric expanded into the sale and service of General Electric appliances at the Central Avenue location.

After completing his service at the end of World War II, William’s son Karl returned to the family business and an electrical contracting office opened in Pittsville. By the late 1950’s, Karl and his wife, Betty, made Marshfield the headquarters for Merkel Electric. In 1960 they purchased William’s interest and he retired. In 1965 they began, in addition to operating their electrical business, the diversification into real estate development and began purchasing, converting and leasing commercial space.

Thomas J Merkel was the first of the sons to join the family business after completing his stint in Vietnam and the completion of his education and the family credits him with greatly expanding the electrical contracting business and moving into electrical systems design. He began a construction division of Merkel Electric at this time which became known as Meco Construction and Supply Co. By 1974, Tom and his father, Karl, made their first moves into residential apartment development.

Robert P Merkel was the second to join the business after obtaining his business degree and began to concentrate in the general contracting business and the expansion of their property development business. It was at this time that Karl, Tom and Bob formed Badger Housing Associates as the vehicle to further their real estate development, housing and property management interests.

Richard E Merkel joined his father and brothers in 1987 to assist with electrical estimating and customer relations along with other facets of the various businesses.

The Merkel Companies consisting of Merkel Electric, Meco Construction and Badger Housing Associates were named the 1993 Marshfield Firm of the Year. They have been supporters and contributors to various community needs including the Ronald McDonald House and the Lawton Center. In addition, the individuals involved lend their support to various community organizations, a few of which include the American Legion and Little League Baseball as well as lending their individual support to organizations such as the Rotary Club, the Elks Club, and House of the Dove.

In 2005, the name of the firm was changed from Merkel Electric Co. Inc. to Merkel Company, Inc. and the Meco Construction and Supply Co. division was discontinued.

Merkel Company, Inc.’s focus is now primarily on electrical work. The Company does electrical work for new facilities, service work and upgrades on existing facilities, design of new electrical systems, street and parking lot lighting and traffic signal installation and repairs throughout the state.

General construction is mainly limited to commercial buildings including projects for Badger Housing Associates which still continues to develop and manage commercial and residential properties around the state.

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Ryan Kelnhofer


Experience: With Merkel Company, Inc. since 2009 (prior 5 years design/ 18 electrical installation experience)

Enjoys problem-solving and customer relations

Hobbies: Camping, hunting, fishing, and snowmobiling.

Eric Jakobi


Experience: With Merkel Company, Inc. since 1999.

Estimating, design & bidding projects.

Hobbies: Hunting, snowmobiling, and spending time with family.

John Wendt


Experience: With Merkel Company, Inc. for 44 years.

Lifelong Marshfield resident who enjoys challenges of coordinating projects to get done by deadlines. Has worked in the electrical design and installation field since he was a teenager helping his dad in his electrical business.

Hobbies: Hunting, target shooting, traveling, and spending time with family.

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